My works are usually sitespecific. They both influence and are influenced by the environments. The surroundings are included, and to a great extent decide the idea and appearance of the artworks. I explore the limits of the room, the question of space, and how we relate to our spatial environments. The last exhibitions are mainly investigations of two-dimensional and three-dimensional images, based on the rooms and the structure of the gallery and its exterior.

The artworks deal with perception, how we percept, and how we relate to the world. There is a distance between objective facts and subjective knowledge of our surroundings. We have a feeling of being connected directly to the world, but our knowledge of the environments, is a mixture of what we perceive, and a construction of earlier experiences. I want to challenge that feeling of connection. How much do we really manage to `see` and how much of it is our preoccupations of reality, and are we able to distinct between them.